Galvanized Work Platform

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Galvanized Work Platforms for Telehandlers

  • Heavy duty steel mesh floor for
     for years of dependability.
  • safety restraint tie down bar is
     standard on all Platforms
  • Industrial hinges and latches for 
     strength and safety
  • Door safety pins allow the door to
    remain rigid and strong
  • Easily pins onto your machines Fork Tines 
  • Safety pins secure side railings and doors
  • Meets and/or exceeds OSHA standards
  • Many sizes available

Safety Features:

  •  Safety pins are standard for all doors and side rails.  Each pis attached to the rail by a cable to prevent losing the safety pins
  • Door Safety Pins give the door extra strength and allows the door to remain rigid at all times
  • Safety Restraint Tie Downs are standard on all platforms.  This gives you a safe place to connect your safety harnesses
  • Optional End Fork Slots make it easy to transport your platform.  These are to be used for loading and unloading only
  • Pins over your Fork Tines:  Each pin is chained to the platform.  Fits to most Telehandlers


Model Size Capacity Weight
MWPG 4x4 4x4 1000 LBS 405 LBS
MWPG 4x6 4x6 1000 LBS 475 LBS
MWPG 4x8 4x8 1000 LBS 590 LBS
MWPG 4x116 4x9'8" 1000 LBS 660 LBS



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