Trash Hopper

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Trash Hopper for Telehandlers

  • Fits Telehandlers, "Slips over your pallet Fort Kines"
  • High Capacity Hoppers
  • Fork pockets are 48" deep and will fit tines up to 2.5" thick X 7.5" wide
  • Chain equipped with a shurlock hook to secure the hopper to the pallet fork frame.
  • Generally used for site clean-up and roofing material removal

Model Size (HxDxW)
Capacity Weight
MTH 455 
4' X 5' X 5'
3.5 cu. yd.
730 lbs.
MTH 457
4' x 5' x 7'
5.0 cu. yd.
920 lbs.
MTH 458
4' x 5' x 8'
5.7 cu. yd.
1020 lbs.
MTH 459
4' x 5' x 9'
 6.5 cu.yd.
1120 lbs.

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